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Paul Cezanne's Apples: Still Life From the Wichita Art Museum Collection

January 18, 2014 - April 27, 2014

Still life—the arrangement and artistic portrayal of inanimate and often commonplace objects—has been a respected category of artmaking for centuries. For the mondernist, still life became a foil for dynamic artistic experimentation. As French artist Paul Cézanne defiantly claimed: "With an apple, I will astonish Paris."

George Catlin's American Buffalo

February 1, 2014 - May 11, 2014

Forty early 19th-century paintings of American buffalo will have special resonance with Wichita Art Museum visitors this spring. Kansas embraces the buffalo as our state animal, and the song first published as "Oh, Give Me a Home Where the Buffalo Roam" in 1873 in Smith County, Kansas is our state song. George Catlin's American Buffalo is organized by the Smithsonian American Art Museum in collaboration with the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The Era of Downton Abbey: British Watercolors from the Wichita Art Museum Collection

December 14, 2013 - June 1, 2014

In celebration of the success of Downton Abbey on MASTERPIECE, the Wichita Art Museum presents a selection of watercolors from the permanent collection that reflect the central themes of the British period drama.



From City to Countryside: The Paintings of Guy Wiggins

October 29, 2013 - February 9, 2014

The end of the impressionist style in American painting is beautifully captured in the works of Guy Carleton Wiggins (1883-1962). This selection of paintings displays the breadth of Guy Wiggins impressionist vision. From images of New York City, which makes viewers feel as if they have been transported into the midst of a whirling snow that purifies the urban street, to idyllic vistas of the countryside, to oceans awash with calm waters and idling craft, Wiggins inspires us to find breathtaking beauty in the ordinary.

Blackbear Bosin and Woody Crumbo: American Indian Masters

October 3, 2013 through February 23, 2014

Blackbear Bosin (Comanche-Kiowa, 1921-1980) and Woody Crumbo (Potowatomi, 1912-1989) have deep ties to Wichita, Bosin made the city his home for 40 years and Crumbo studied art in Wichita in the 1930s. Both worked in the aviation industry in Wichita during World War II. This exhibition presents selections from the WAM collection as well as key works by Bosin on loan from the Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa, OK.

American Impressionists


Highlights from the Museum’s impressionist painting collection grace the Carlene and Lee Banks Rotunda Gallery. Included are Mary Cassatt’s Mother and Child from the Roland P. Murdock Collection; Childe Hassam’s Jelly Fish from the John W. and Mildred L. Graves Collection; and Joseph DeCamp's Pear Pickers, Gift of Paula and Barry L. Downing, Martie and Keith Walker, and The Lattner Family Foundation in honor of the 75th Anniversary of the Wichita Art Museum and in memory of Forrest C. and Frances H. Lattner.

Make it POP!


The Living Room's exhibition Make It POP! is a tribute to Pop Art, the movement that first became established with artist and cultural icon, Andy Warhol. Visitors of all ages will enjoy images of famous works of Pop Art, an interactive Brillo Box sculpture section, a disco ball, comic book illustrations and an instant image camera to capture visitors' fifteen minutes of fame. The Make It POP! exhibition is sponsored by Commerce Bank.

Murdock and Beyond: Pairings from the Permanent Collection


The Wichita Art Museum has long held one of the premier collections of American art in the region. This special exhibition pairs artworks to offer visitors a fascinating point of entry to deeper appreciation and learning.

Heritage of the West: A Romance Gone Forever


Experience the turbulent and thrilling themes of everyday life during the settlement of the American West. This exhibit represents a cross section of Charles M. Russell’s stylistic development over a period of 30 years, from 1896 through 1926.

Sculpture from the Permanent Collection


The Wichita Art Museum is home to a diverse collection of sculpture including Dreamers Awake, a fifteen-foot-tall bronze figure by Wichita native Tom Otterness which can be viewed on the grounds outside of the Museum.

Steuben Glass from the Permanent Collection


The Wichita Art Museum presents a growing collection of glass that focuses on Steuben. The unique assemblage includes a donated private collection of more than 200 goblets and other pressed glass and a growing collection of historic and contemporary examples of Steuben Glass.


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The Wichita Art Museum opened in 1935. It is home to The Roland P. Murdock Collection, one of the premier collections of American Art in the country. The Museum is proud to be supported through public and private funds, owned by the City of Wichita and managed by a private entity, Wichita Art Museum, Inc. Located at 1400 West Museum Boulevard, the Museum and Museum store are open Sunday noon – 5 p.m., and Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.